We’ve migrated!

On the occasion of International Migrants Day, we’ve relaunched Le monde n’est pas rond as an artistic webzine. Come on over, update your bookmarks, and subscribe to www.mondepasrond.net !

In the same spirit of the printed newspaper, we’ll be publishing alternative journalism, art and illustration, photography, prose and poetry, exploring the contemporary realities of migration, borders, and human rights from different artistic angles. The webzine will also give us the opportunity to feature galleries, music, short films and other multimedia content.

New posts will be published on a regular basis, two to three times a week. The first batch is already up! After a year, we plan to collect the most read and most insightful posts in a printed anthology, together with a selection of fresh material.

An initiative by Passaport Project, in collaboration with Personne n’est illégal – Luxembourg.

Happy reading, listening, watching, and surfing!

Antoine Cassar
Editor, Le monde n’est pas rond


About antoinecassar

Poet, translator, editor, activist http://antoinecassar.info http://passaportproject.org http://mondepasrond.org
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