Around Europe, by Miguel Velayos

Prolific Spanish poet Miguel Velayos, one of the authors featured in Issue 1 of Le monde n’est pas rond, is currently at the LibrOviedo festival in Oviedo, Spain, for a spectacle put together by Ambages Teatro, based on poems from his latest book, Política sesions (Ediciones Vitruvio, 2013).

Velayos’ poem Around Europe (“Por Europa”, translated from the Spanish by Antoine Cassar) is taken from the same book, and appears in Issue 1 of the newspaper together with a photograph by Patrick Galbats.

'Around Europe', a poem by Miguel Velayos

‘Around Europe’, a poem by Miguel Velayos

Born in Ávila in 1978, Velayos has published six volumes of poetry in nine years. Permanencia en el tránsito (2011) and Identidad de edades (2010) are also published by Ediciones Vitruvio. The video below is by visual artist Irene Araus.


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