Lampedusa, by Gilles Reckinger

Lampedusa: Begegnungen am Rande Europas" (Peter Hammer Verlag, 2013)

“Lampedusa: Begegnungen am Rande Europas” (Peter Hammer Verlag, 2013)

Tomorrow Tuesday 23rd April at the University of Luxembourg (Walferdange campus), as part of the CIEL Refugee Solidarity Weeks, Dr. Gilles Reckinger will be giving a talk entitled “Lampedusa und das europäische Migrationsregime” (in German).

Carole Reckinger & Gilles Reckinger’s article “Welcome to Europe! A view from Italy. The creation of a textbook neo-liberal worker“, on the situation of migrant workers in the orange groves of Rosarno in southern Italy, features in Issue 1 of Le monde n’est pas rond.

Gilles Reckinger is also the author of the recently published book Lampedusa: Begegnungen am Rande Europas (Peter Hammer Verlag, 2013).

Detail from "Welcome to Europe!", by Carole Reckinger & Gilles Reckinger, Issue 1

Detail from “Welcome to Europe!”, by Carole Reckinger & Gilles Reckinger, Issue 1 (click to magnify)


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